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I provide effective consulting that focuses on business process reengineering and management process improvement.  Projects include:

  • Improved data quality and processes to achieve a 60% improvement (from 5 days to 2 days), working with multiple stakeholders in a financial information company, to reduce month-end duration for accounting "book closing" and financial analysis with the application of Six Sigma/TQM principles and custom software.
    Became the "resident expert" on software that was new to me at the start of the project.
  • Reduced processing time from days to less than 30 minutes and eliminated errors in an Excel-based reporting application that worked with a large data set. The application provided custom reports on individual, department, division, and corporate performance in multiple customer service metrics.
  • Integrated quantitative and qualitative analysis of a very large data set in Excel to develop conceptual recommendations to a public utility's senior management to address customer issues and improve customer satisfaction in the utility's call center.
  • Successfully completed a systems analysis project that required communicating accounting and financial methodology requirements to the software development team of a startup company focused on customer education in the financial sector.
  • Business process improvements in clinical health-care services to streamline reimbursements with the application of auditing methodology to evaluate and improve data and information flow.  The business information was modeled into data requirements and then a database using Access, with analysis in Excel.  The goal was to eliminate or minimize delays caused by cross-department "hand offs".
  • Developed an Excel based cost allocation model for diagnostic imaging practices that replaced an extremely complex and impractically data-intensive model.
  • Investment recommendations to a Venture Capitalist based on an in-depth financial review of investment opportunities including assessing the risk profile.
  • Optimized shop-floor scheduling to support corporate Operating Strategy goals through innovative software tools.
  • Representative of a large computer manufacturer on the Excel and financial analysis committees developing a commercial benchmark.


  • Email or call 1-650-91TMEHTA (1-650-918-6348)
  • Expertise in diverse sectors: financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, utility, brokerage, aerospace, education, financial reporting
  • Expertise working with organizations of all sizes from multi-nationals to startups
  • Conveniently located near San Francisco, Silicon Valley, with easy travel options
  • LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tusharmehtasfbayarea/


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