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Excel and Office Software Services

  • World class software services
  • Competitive charges
  • Clients include multi-nationals such as Xerox, Merrill Lynch, Dow Jones, Bayer, RG&E, HealthSouth, Duke University, University of Rochester, and AMD, regional organizations such as CDG & Associates, CallSource, JS Capital, and startups such as Optimax and statementchecker.com
  • Models provide actionable recommendations (examples include scheduling, financial and economic analysis, and forecasts)
  • Automation for greater flexibility and increased productivity
  • Easily updated reports from organization data bases
  • Integrate Excel with web data sources
  • Models for statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis, and risk assessment
  • Visual display of performance metrics in dashboards familiar to your company and industry
  • Integrate multiple systems, including external databases, into easy-to-use, easy-to-understand interfaces and reports
  • Leverage multiple technologies to create a "best of class" solution
    • An example: Interact with an Excel workbook from a webpage (using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, cloud hosting, and, of course, Excel)
  • Customized ribbons and supporting functions to enhance productivity
  • Analyze large data sets to discover trends and patterns for management review and action
  • Benefit from new technologies such as R and PowerPivot that integrate with Excel
  • Email or call 1-650-91TMEHTA (1-650-918-6348)
  • Expertise in diverse sectors: financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, utility, brokerage, aerospace, education, financial reporting
  • Expertise working with organizations of all sizes from multi-nationals to startups
  • Conveniently located near San Francisco, Silicon Valley, with easy travel options
  • Additional discounts available to select organizations such as public schools and small local non-profits
  • Recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award from 2000 to present
  • Additional services: Custom Business Process Improvement



You may also want to consider ad hoc technical services - billed on a half-hour basis.