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If you're looking for more information about PowerPoint, check this FAQ that contains information from many PowerPoint experts including several Microsoft MVPs

PowerPoint resources and a FAQ maintained by Steve Rindsberg

TM Timer for PowerPoint.  One of my first PowerPoint utilities implements a real-time clock that is shown and updated during a slide show.  Choices include time-of-day display, elapsed time display, or a countdown timer.  The last choice includes the option of forced termination after a specific grace period.

Textbox From File.  As the name indicates, the add-in displays a randomly selected line from a text file in each slide in a PowerPoint slideshow

TM Randomize SlideShow. Each time the slide show is started, the add-in randomizes the sequence of the slides.  Ideal for a memorial, or a remembrance to a loved one, a publicity show for a city or a resort, or a tribute to an artist's work.

A tutorial titled AutoSchedule combining the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler and PowerPoint to schedule slide shows that automatically start at a particular time on a particular day and run for a pre-specified time.

Interactive PivotTables introduces the reader to the creation of PivotTables in PowerPoint that the presenter can manipulate in real time.

Time in Break Various 'low tech' techniques that use PowerPoint to display the time in a break during a presentation.

VBA CodeCleaner.  This is a 'rush adaptation' of Rob Bovey's Excel VBA Code Cleaner.  The target audience is the intermediate to advanced developer.