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My first Google gadget

The gadget adds a large digital time display to the personalized Google homepage.  Additional features include a 12 or 24 hour display, an optional display of seconds, and the ability to view the time in any other timezone.  Click the image or button below to add the time gadget to your custom Google home page. 

Add to Google

For those not familiar with a Google gadget, it is a "web service" that one can add to one's personalized Google homepage.  That, of course, raises a question, "what's a personalized Google homepage?"  Next time you visit, check the top right side of the page.  There should be a link to 'Personalized Home.'  Click it and follow directions.  In my case, I have replaced Google's default suggestion of web services with those of interest to me.  A small image of my personalized Google homepage:

The top of the page is the standard Google search capability.  The gadgets of interest to me include my own contribution, several news sources, the local weather, and a few stocks.