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Just imagine walking into the largest room you have ever been in.  You open the door and the first thing that strikes the eye are the bulletin boards.  That's right.  Bulletin boards.  Around the walls.  Up and down the aisles.  In fact, the aisles are created by having bulletin boards all neatly stacked in long straight lines from one end of the room to the other.  As you wander around the room, you notice a certain sense of organization.  There is one large section in which all the bulletin boards contain technical stuff about computers.  Another section, a little away from the geeks, serves a more somber purpose -- that of exchanging information about health care issues, support groups and the like.  Noticing a door used by many a visitor, you go through it.  This room, separated from the main room is very crowded.  Quickly, you realize why.  It is reserved for bulletin boards on various erotica.

Getting back to the main room, you come across another section that has bulletin boards about Microsoft programs.  And, a separate section that is reserved for boards about Corel's programs.  In the Microsoft section, you notice there's one bulletin board devoted to ideas about charting in Excel.  Another nearby is exclusively for those who want to discuss the PowerPoint program.

Multiple news servers -- public servers, private servers

Organization of newsgroups into Big 8 -- alt. (and further refinement), soc., comp., what else?  Corporate started NGs -- microsoft, Corel, etc.