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Here's an example of Glen who wanted to know something about PowerPoint and the web.  He asked his question at about 11:20 p.m. in the Eastern United States.  Sonia posted a response about an hour and a half later at 50 minutes past midnight, and Glen acknowledged the answer about 40 minutes later.  Are these people crazy working on PowerPoint questions late at night?  As we will see in a minute, no, they are not working late at night.  It just happens to be midnight in the Eastern U.S.

Glen, posted his question from Australia to the PowerPoint newsgroup (remember, that is Internet-speak for a virtual bulletin board).  It might be midnight in the Eastern U.S., but it is the middle of the day in Australia!

Chances are that someone will respond with either a solution, a request for more information, a tip that what you want is not possible, or in some other fashion.  In this case, it was Sonia who posted a response from the Western U.S., where it was just before 10 at night.

And, just like that, Glen had a solution to his problem.  Exercising common courtesy, he took a few minutes to thank Sonia for her assistance.