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TM Randomize Slideshow

Version 4 supports the following Microsoft® PowerPoint® versions:

2013    2010    2007    2003

The Random Slideshow add-in requires PowerPoint 2000 or later.

The add-in allows one to create a PowerPoint slideshow in which designated slides are shown in random order.  This might seem somewhat unusual, but there are many uses for such a presentation.  While the original intent was for a memorial slide show, the add-in has many applications.

Version 4 introduces the ability to randomize groups of slides, where each group has the same number of slides.  The slides in each group are shown in the original sequence while the groups themselves are shown in a random order.  This is very useful if one has Q&A pairs with the first slide showing the question and the second slide containing the answer.

Recent Comments

From Kathie O on October 20, 2011:

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, Tushar.  I have a ton of studying to do tonight, and I was counting on using your program...
The Randomizer is great.  I’m using it to make flash cards chapter by chapter for my Econ and Spanish classes.  It makes memorization and mastery a lot easier and faster.
I’ve been sharing my slideshows with my classmates, along with a link to your site and instructions to install.  Hopefully, you’ll get some more business.
Thanks for designing a very useful add-in.


This product includes a trial period.
Please use this period to evaluate the product before registering it for continued use.  A single-user license is just USD19.95.  A volume discount is available.
Number of licenses

Applications of the add-in

A memorial, as originally planned

A show highlighting a city or a resort

A remembrance to a loved one

A tribute to an artist


Jerold H, a Registered Nurse, uses the add-in to show flashcards in random sequence

Churches use the add-in.  Some of the comments include:

"Your timer is actually rare find...I think I find the text changing to red once it ends a nice feature" -- P.W. (with a church in Arkansas).

"I love this add-on. I have used it many times to display pictures. It has been a life saver for me on several occasions." -- M. W. (with a church in California).


R.N. who works at a high risk school in the Western U.S. writes: "I have been working with teachers to create flash card programs using power point. The randomizer would keep students from memorizing word or fact order."

Allen O, a foreign language teacher, uses the add-in for vocabulary lessons

Justin B uses the add-in for multiple education projects

Peter B shows "developments at the edge of science during idle moments"

Tim F finds that flashcards in a particular format shown in random sequence help enhance learning and information retention

Dave P teaches math and displays multiplication problems to teach students struggling to learn multiplication tables

Entertainment / Celebration:

Anonymous used the add-in at a high school baseball banquet

How do you use the add-in?  Share Your Comments

Version 4