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How to use the downloadable file for the PowerPivot and Conditional Shape Color demo

For the main article on the subject see PowerPivot – Part 4 of 4: A geographic visual display of 18 million US Census records.

Download the zip file.  The two files in the zip file are the Excel file PowerPivot Conditional Shape Color.xlsx and Excel add-in TM Dashboard Shape Colors.xlam.

Extract the 2 files in the zip file to a folder of your choice.

Open Excel 2010 -- remember that PowerPivot is not supported in earlier versions.

Load the TM Dashboard Shape Colors.xlam add-in.  In the Excel Add-Ins dialog box, the add-in name is TM Conditional Shape Colors (Ribbon UI).  For more on the installation process, see Common Installation Instructions for Office add-ins

Open the PowerPivot Conditional Shape Color.xlsx file.

You will get a warning about external connections and whether Excel should update the data.  Click Don't Update.

Select the Data tab | Connections group | Edit Links button.

In the resulting dialog box, click the Change Source... button and select the add-in TM Dashboard Shape Colors.xlam.  Close the dialog box.

You are now ready to start the demo.

Select the TM Examples tab | Excel and VBA cases group | Conditional Shapes button.  This is a toggle button that will be highlighted when the add-in is active.

Select cell T23 and use the drop down to pick a decade of interest.  The map of the U.S. will change color to reflect the migrations in that census.

Click the Female / Male button in the Gender slicer and the map will change color to reflect the migration patterns by gender.