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This page uses JavaScript to display the results from multiple search engines.  If you have disabled JavaScript, this page will not work.

Each selected search engine's results will show in a separate window.  Depending on the browser you are using and how you have configured it, these may be actual windows or may be tabs.  And, of course, if you have configured the browser to disallow the programmatic opening of new windows, nothing will happen!

Most search engines provide some amount of customization of the results and on the response to clicking on a result link.  These customizations remain under your control.  This page makes no attempt to influence any of those custom choices.

To add a new search resource, it must be of a type that shows the search URL in the address bar.  For example, to add as a new search resource, visit, enter a search term such as 'microsoft mvp' and initiate the search.  Now, check the address bar.  It will show something like  Copy it.  Now, return to this web page and click the 'New Searcher' button.  In the new 'Default URL' field that shows up, paste the copied address.  Next, delete everything except the search term and then replace the search term with #product#.  The result should look like  Finally, click the 'Save Customizations' button to save the result.

Other search resources one can add include youtube, myspace, and altavista.