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A big Thank You to all those who took the time to provide me with comments about the site.  What follows are the unedited (other than that necessary to protect the privacy of people) comments.  Of course, not all comments are positive.
I am adding this site to my favorites list. great site, congratulations.Eddy
none We needed an easy way to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a pipe delimited text file. This worked perfectly! Thank you sooo much!!
Thanks for your consideration of all of us who are tired of timing in old fashioned ways. My sundial is being thrown out! I can't believe that I haven't ran across this site yet. I just wish I knew if there was one for Microsoft Access. Nonetheless, I love it. I had to figure out this page as if I were in an Egyptian tomb. I came at it from the side, but I eventually figured out everything that I needed to know right from where I landed so great job (no matter what - doing what I would love to do.) Keep going, this is great, I just got here.
glad I found your site. thank you. Good Site
In all the years I have been using Excel, I never knew about MSQuery. I have always thought that an Excel database is a flat file only, and I need MS Access for anything relational.I am working with a database for which Access is way too much overkill, but the flat file is awkward and not quite adequate.Thanks VERY MUCH for educating me. The Directory. xla addin works also with the czech version of Excel. i think it is a good thing.thank you
Dear.......from Colombia .....thank!!!!!Diego........ Very useful! Thanks for sharing your expertise.
I thought your idea of having a tornado diagram excel add-in was great.[request for help edited] i want to know why tornados don't go in ditches or basments but i couldn't find it here
It would be nice if more detail about the application were provided. Also, what application versions are supported. For example, I am using Office 97. Does this work with that version fo PowerPoint? It does not appear to. Also, does the timer display to the audience or only the speaker? Many thanks for providing this, exactly what I needed, will save me masses of time!
Good work! Great site. thank you!
I am interesting in comparing your Monte Carlo simuation to others that I have used in the past. I can't wait to try it out.
Thank you for offering this utility. Outstanding!!!
Excellent information and very comprehensive site!! Congrats thanksI love to recommend your stuff
THANKS!!! Usefull site;Nice work;Thanks;GreetingsPanagiotis
I just wanted to say thanks for the great excel add-in (AutoChart). On a scale of 4, I give it a 5, it made my day (a very rainy day here at NOAA in Seattle).The only comment about the add-in, is that I was a little confused that the Category cell was referring to the x-axis. Once I figured that out, I was off in running. Not only will this add-in will save me a lot of time, but it will also make everything all my plots consistent. Thanks again! Seems like there are very useful tools at this site. I wish there were additional explainations to determine use. Some are very vauge.Great site though!! This is my first download.
Good resource site for som estuff no one else seems to have. Thanks for the Tornado diagram add-in! good addin
I was actually looking for something on how to not make the negative numbers from a calculation show on a chart, but..... I found your document very useful. I had difficulties with the normal distribution and now it's okay. If you have something that can help me mastering Excel please inform me.Thanks.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate your website. I am a student and your website will help me understand the tornado design at a minimum.Thank you very muchKathy Very helpful and rich
I am self learner. So far in my colleagues I am one with lots of know how about Microsoft product. I started first time using computer in 1995 and since then I learned lot of things and become big fan of Microsoft. I congratulate on exploring so many hidden facilities in MS products.Thanks,Prathmesh. printable version of the information would be helpful.
df,jhfdsklf Finally found a useful site about excel!Will be looking more throroughly thru it.Regards
Thank you! After much searching it's doing just what I needed! Just what I needed. Thanks!!!
I have a question for you. Is it possible to reference a cell on one worksheet to a different worksheet to show the total on the first worksheet in the second worksheet so it can be added the a cell from a fourth worksheet and show the total of all the worksheets? Thank you very much. Bill Thank you
I was at was surfing the net to figure out how to generate in Excel a random list of 800 numbers from a list from 1 to 4,000.Your info here was close, but I wanted to add the effect that I did not want the generator to ever duplicate or repeat a number leaving me with 800 individual numbers between 1 and 4,000.There ya go...want the challenge? s
info available on this just what I was looking for. Earlier I was trying other curve fitting tools. Your suggestions are easier and intuitive.Thanks I'm in a radiation therapy program so I can go on to get my dosimetry license. I have a paper to write for physics that must demonstrate my planned field. It's almost impossible to get copies of dosimetry programs. (REALLY tight-lipped group)! So I decided to just use a monteCarlo simulation with some fudge factors for the radiation-absorption rates. Your Monte Carlo add-in will save me alot of time to create the program. Thanks alot!! If the people from the Radiology web site you created (or you ;-)) have something for dosimetry, I would appreciate your help in messaging me back.Your site is great.Sincerely,Joel
I'm in a radiation therapy program so I can go on to get my dosimetry license. I have a paper to write for physics that must demonstrate my planned field. It's almost impossible to get copies of dosimetry programs. (REALLY tight-lipped group)! So I decided to just use a monteCarlo simulation with some fudge factors for the radiation-absorption rates. Your Monte Carlo add-in will save me alot of time to create the program. Thanks alot!! If the people from the Radiology web site you created (or you have a more specific program) have something for dosimetry, I would appreciate your help in messaging me back.Your site is great.Sincerely,Joel the site is good..... even though i hardly understand much of it ...but i think thats because i'm not one to understand computers or their programs
I found this site very usefull Excellent Work!
good Mr. Excel has been my saviour many times in the past, but today your site has been added to my bookmarks as one of my most valuable assets.
Do you have any tutorials or sources or info on setting trailing stops? I haven't had a chance to review many of the add-ins, but I already know the one to create a directory/sub directory list will come in very handy for me.
It is one of the best excel sitesCongratulations to all who have conceptulised and participated in designing, developing and maintaining this site I cant wait to use this informationthanks!
I haven't tried the add-in yet, but I am optimistic. The site looks good very efficient.RickF Hi Tushar,This site is really amazing and helpful. I am doing my MBA from Chicago and I need some help in VBE coding. See I want to write a code where I get tables and charts from SPSS output window into excel then clean it up and want to transfer them into Powerpoint presentation. Now from your site I was able to somehow transfer the charts and tables to PPT but I still haven't been able to figure out a few things.1. How do I add multiple slides using VB code2. Instead of referencing a paticular cell how do I reference the whole sheet so whereever the chart is it gets transfered into PPT3. How do I get tables and charts from SPSS into ExcelI would really appreciate if you could help me out here.ThanksRohan
nnn please send me this addinthank in advaced
what if the chart is not scattered but bar chart?horizontal different colored background for horizontal bar 3d chart.thanks Thanks! Excellent tutorial.
exe;;ent site. It has both useful tools and an education. Just found this site, and already solved a vexing problem! Thank you very much!
It is very fortunate to find someone who is a strong user who is also able to enhance the product.I look forward to trying the software.Steve As a raw beginner you saved my life I think see if I pass my exams
I'll try the plot manager and Normal cure data. I've been looking for something like this for a while. You are bookmarked too. thanks for the addins
Thanks for your great effort THank you for your generosity. Good luck.
The Gantt Chart add-in is just what I've been looking for! Thanks! Thanks very much; it was just what I needed which was to set up a dynamic chart with several graphs using the same x-axis. Adding series takes a little while but it works!Thanks again!Jim.
Very useful site. No
I did not even find this on the MS site itself. Its so good
Indeed, the Chart gap for N/A was just what I needed. I'll check it out immediately.Thanks. I'm a math teacher working with students struggling to learn multiplication tables. I created a presentation with the entire set of multiplication problems and was looking for a way to present 20 random problems from the set each day. I think this will work well!Thanks.
seems to be an excellent resource I used to participate in the microsoft.excel newsgroups (until my version became so outdated that I could not help most of the posters), & always enjoyed your comments & explanations.Now I have finally upgraded, & found your link while browsing downloads at the MS Office site.Nice to see you again! I have downloaded a few of your add-ins, although the purposes of many other items in the list are over my head. (I thought interactive chart might be interesting, but I passed on it when I couldn't tell what it was. ;)Thanks for sharing your Excel expertise with the rest of us!
Fantastic site. Lots of useful and well organized information. Thank you for putting this together! What I needed to progress on the learning curve, simultaneously utilising certain Add-Ins. Thanking you sincerely, for your serving the community at large, directly or indirectly with your time and knowledge. My prayer is for GOD to reward you in good measure.
Excellent Site thanks very much Thanks again Tushar!
just what I need i like your site is very complet.Write me
very helpful -- great resource Thanks very much for the good work.
Works fantanstic. This is exactly what I was looking for... Love the site, its helping the learning curve for VB and Excel together
Just what I was looking for. impressive, but i still don't know how to use a drop down box
Your site is a treasure trove! I hope to visit frequently. By the way, have you done anywork automating worksheets that can take advantage of Palisade Software's @risk tool?Thanks,Henry Does this Macro works with Powerpoint 2000? I am getting an error when I run the show.But I do find your other 'tips' excellent.
Thanks for the link for MrExcel - this is exactly what I needed. You're bookmarked! Excellent download...I've bookmarked your site for anything else I may need ....but don't know it yet!!
Good work, Tushar. Do you want to write any books? I think this is one of the best sites I have come accross and I rate it 10/10.Examples are easy to follow an they work .Thanks for the use of your advanced knowledge
Your step-by-step tutorials are extremely well presented, in particular, I applaud the brevity with which you deliver the lesson. The simplicity of the website technology works for rather than against the content. Good job!I had hoped to use the radar, interactive tutorials & the Plot Manager but download seems to be disabled. Could you email these to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Finally code that is broken down into understandable steps!
I haven't tried the add-in yet and haven't been to this site before, but if it works, I'll be thrilled i'll try it
Your software tools are outstanding. You are truly an Excel master. Microsoft should hire you as product manager! Never needed to come here before but found a reference to your Text Write Program on microsoft.public.excel.miscThe program was exactly what I needed.Thanks!Shannon
Interested Page Hi there,Enjoyed your page and the information contained within - I am doing some basic research into Option Pricing Models and wanted some more 'stuff' about the Normal Distribution FunctionGreeting from Australia.Cheers and regards,Bruce CowenKalamunda WA
WONDERFUL WEBSITE MAN!I found all the stuff that I was searching for the last 20 days in one website!MY BEST WISHES ARE WITH YOU MAN! Fantastic; heaps of useful info etc.Just one request - could you update the Sync_Scrolling add-in for Excel 97 compatibility soon? It works more or less OK in Excel 97, but leaves a sort of 'selection' border around the cells. I realise that you point out that it's only for Excel 2000 or later, but I really wanted to try it because it's something that I've been looking for for a long time. Usable as it is, but the update would be most appreciated, when you get some time.Thanks for all your hard work.Cheers,John
A nice, clearly explained procedure Tushar, ThanksSean. Your instructions were clear and easy to undersand. Thanks for the help!
Well Done.. ur site has been a great help insubs. to news groupsPl. carry on with this wonderful performance.Thanks a million.PS: I have developed a problem with my inkjet printer which functions ok with other computers. I think something is wrong with my printer port. May be either software or hardware or both. Pl. advise
Tushar,Congratulations on a great site.I have created a daily chart with 3 values using standard bar graph.I now need to add a total line.Tried to use treadline, but could not get what i want. I need this line to represent the daily totals.Can you help?Regards,James Borg. I am taking a Quantitative Analysi class in my MBA program. I have been searching high and low for information on how to produce a normally distributed curve in excel. This site rocks! Finaly I have my bell curve!
I can't tell 7/30/03Dear Mr. Mehta.Your Excel information, add-ins, and link suggestions are fabulous. May I suggest your site and add-ins as a resource for the Duke MBA students in my computer skills courses?Regards,Paula EcklundInstructorDuke's Fuqua School of Business
I am trying to do a surface chart with blanks at the beginning or end of the rows, how can I do this? Very useful sight Tushar. Its of great help to us.By the way, with respect to your 3D Surface charts, You had gone about from a equation to data and then to chart.Lets say if we have data, can we fit a equation to it.Hope you should be able to answer it.ThanksRam P
Your SIMULATE I have a live stock market feed running into excel via DDE and it updates intraday prices and volumes in the nominated row as trades take placeMarket Price Volume TimeDAX 3325 16 11.52am What I need to do is as the value changes in the row which is when a trade takes place it records it in the next empty row eventually creating a database.If you can find the time for an answer it would be greatly appreciated
I was having trouble with surface charts and now I know that I can't do what I wanted to do. At least I won't spend any more time trying. Very HelpfulThnks
Thanks for doing this! Thanks for the useful assistance.
Thanks for the easy to access information.Best regards,PB Coleman Great site
Thanks. I needed to be able to create a bell curve for my statistics course. This what I needed. I'm not sure if I understand the process, but I'm going to try it now! excellent site. more work should be done on excel 2002. May be more exemples and tutorial......and some free files..thanks
I love your website. Please feel free to email me as you update the website.Many Thaaanks,Amanda The only comment I have is why can't I by changing the numbers above the graphic, change the graphic
just what i needed very helpful. Thanks
Excellent info and techniques! Thanks,Derick well written, very useful, thankyou
broken y axis is tricky Trik & tips send email
I am really interested to learn how to use the drop down box function in the 'dynamic graphs' section. However the instructions dont appear to be very clear. I have downloaded the zip file but still none the wiser :o(Good site though! Thisis really helpful
ok picked this link up from Mr Excel.This is a great site!!Lots of very useful stuff here especially for someone trying to teach themselvesThanks
Nothing yet, I'm still exploring. I'm not sure I will be able to find what I want to be able to do, because I'm not sure it is possible. It seems ok haven't really got much of a chance to use it before this screen appeared.
good software add-in for gantt charts. Thanks. Thank's
More info on the app would be helpful. But am looking forward to testing it out.Great Site! I am an Excel maniac and have found heaven!Thx!Eric Found what I was looking for!Thanks!
The matter is presented with good degree of visualization. This is my first visit and i think the material is quite promising
This site is new to me but I am sure it will prove very useful in the future. Whilst working in MS Access and linking to Excel for graphing, I was struggling with graphs in Gantt format. This has given me the answer - Thanks
YEEEEHAH!This is EXACTLY what I need.I've been searching for ages till I found this, Thanks a ton!! thanks
Like the site and the addins.FYI - For the synchronized scroll, I could get two workbooks to operate together, but not two sheets within the same workbook, open in two windows.The Gantt addin looks great! Thank you for you help with a bell curve!!
Some excellent time saving utilities for everyday use which is much appreciated. Thanks a lot. WE THANK YOU FROM ROTARY INTERNATIONALWWW.ROTARY.ORG
Perfect! After 'learning' from the newsgroup that what I wanted was not supported, I found a link to your site with exactly what I needed.Amazing. Thank you. Thank you.I really needed a hint on drawing a surface file. Although I did not get the full picture but the effort is large.
Your application is certainly better than the one offered by Microsoft as an Add In.......Yours at least works ! Nice site. Very Informative! Would be helpful to have a good way to make a printable copy of the information; I had to cut and paste into Word.Thank you...Tom Miles
VEry VEry Innovative Things. Much Work on Probability Distribution Work & Graphs regarding that are useful assetsREgards Good information. Thanks
Your information has been incredibly valuble to me! Thanks so very much! What a fantastic site. All you ever need to know about Excel that Microsft couldn't provide!
Thank you very much, a great public service. I often check the forums for problems i can solve for people in my specialist areras, but this takes it to a new level.Mark I needed a way to save an complicated Excel spreadsheet as a text file in a form to upload to a mainframe and read with COBOL. Text Write did exactly what I wanted.Thanks.
no comments... what your saying is that 3-d charting in excel is lame. So why do they offer it ? Can they not find some decent programmers to actually put surface plotting capability in excel that is useful ? I think its a riot (NOT) that I have to go to some 3rd party to get documentation on MS software.Thanks for letting me vent.
just brilliant - i was going round and round in circles, your site pointed me in the right direction - thanks Great information avalible on this site! I have just downloaded the excel timer add in and it works great. Not sure if this is the place to submit this query but is it possibly to display a message box when the timer has completed and close the current file?
a cool site for a techie... with great power comes great responsibility.dynamic charts are almost cosmic
for a free resource, tons of info Great.I wanted a step chart to map a product life cycle chart.My answer was right there.I am going to try it and it may even work!
wonderfuy ;-)
Tushar,Firstly, many thanks for the efforts which you have dedicated to helping others on newsgroups as well as here.Second, with regard to the above chart, I tried to replicate this on xl97-SR and was only partially successful. It seems to be slightly different and creates its own X-axis which doesn't quite allow the above (as best as I could work it...:-)But who cares, its xl97 and this bank needs to get its act together. It was fun trying and gives me good ideas for when this bank upgrades.Cheers Great - I've finally put a few pieces of information together to help me plot only selected data from my spreadsheet.
I've used this site daily over the past week (since I found it) setting up dynamic charts. This information is priceless...Thanks! I have been looking for a tool like this for weeks.Many of your tools will aid me in my analysis.Thanks!
Found some extremely helpful Excel how-tos that are going to make my Boss say WOW! to the results. Very useful info on the step function chart.
Can't believe powerpoint doesn't already have the timing functionality. Much appreciate your add-in.ThanksMark thank you for sharing your knowledge in this helpfull site.could it be possible for you to help me. I trying to lern VBA, especially it's applications on excel. could you give some hints on were to start?thanksPauloPortugal
Your site suck and you are ogly. looove Jonas.. p.s. I LOVE YOU just i want to get help about Gantt Chart for my project. I think your site is useful and informativeThanks
Reci�n encontr� este sitio y me parece formidable... It didnt have any information at all and i dont know what the point of this site is.
Gave me a solution which I couldn't get through normal Microsoft channels. Thankyou Thankyou ThankyouFinally!
TusharbhaiFirst time I am coming in contact with MVPS.ORG and thru that to your website. Excellent! First attempt and my problem is resolved. Thank you very much. I shall now make time to study a lot more of your inputs and contributions - but the main things is for today my EXCEL - TOC is resolved. Thanks once again Excellent job. Congratulations
My boss needed me to provide him with a bell curve in Excel. I came to your site and found just what I needed! Thank you! Tushar,Do you know how to move all the dynamic charts to powerpoint using VBA or other automated methods?Thanks,Michael
Your tools save me a lot of time. Many thanks for a job well done. I am trying to use your instructions for creating a Normal Curve using named formulas, but I keep getting an error for the Y-axis formula. Everything appears to be typed correctly.Thanks
Wow, what a ton of great information. Many thanks for the Gantt software. It was just what I was looking for. I have to detail timelines in submissions that I make and I have been looking for a way of doing this with Excel.
This is a really informative site. It has given me some great ideas on how to make my spreadsheets more efficient. One thing I would like to see is a breakdown of the formulas and what they mean. For example the 1 and O usually mean column or rows. Its good to know this stuff so I can adapt my charts.Thanks great selection of bits & piecesI will be back!!!
Thank you very much for this useful add-in. The thing is most of my collegues and friends are working with excel 97.When are you plannning to update this add-in? We are all expecting it. WOW! I've been looking for this type of timer, and thanks to you and Google, I found it! Thank you so very much.
Initially thought I was having a problem with your routine but I realized that I (to make it look nice) was setting the cell reference using AutoChart and then turning off the axis. Once I left the axis on and just set the line colors to none, it works perfectly. Thanks! Thanks! This was so simple to use. It saved me a lot of time updating a schedule. I used it to make a calendar to show the ranges of time that an activity would take.
just found this site. I'm sure I will be revisiting again.thank you for creating this site. Thanks for this great utility!!!
Please post a privacy policy to disclose whether my e-mail address will be incidentally or purposefully made available to spammers or the public.Do your comments on Excel surface charts being not true surfaces apply to the Office XP version, too? That is, are the x and y axes still category labels instead of value labels? Please specify which version of all software you discuss.Thanks for your good work! Like your site ... very informative!
Excellent site I needed this extra help in solving a problem - thanks very much.
Excelllent !!!Patrick(from Belgium) Found what I needed easily!
Great Stuff!!Thanks Do you know what VB book I can purchase that will tell me how to dynamically change the color on a bar chart when a criteria is met.I an creating a bar chart that shows the percent of Fair Market Value of Proceeds on our vehicle auction.The data source come from three columns from our spreadsheet. The run order number, mileage, and percent of Fair Market Value. A forth column not used by the chart contains the catagory of vehicles (5 catagories). I need to dynamically change the bar color for example: sedans are one color, vans another color, etc.. We run several auction a month with over a hundred vehicles per sale. I need a find a book that show me how to change the bar color by catagory. For me to do this manually using the format data series would be too long process. Can I do this using VB? What book will explain this procedure.ThanksPeter
Many thanks. Good utility. I use it since the first version. It looks useful. Thanks.
thanks!! Your information is helping me with my statistics class. I can't believe the time you are saving me.
thanks a ton for what you've done Excellent explanation of how to set up a surface plot along with equally important explanation of the limitations - I could not find this info in Excel help or the Microsoft web site. Just one note - the data series in Step 3 are incorrect: Values should be Sheet1!$D$7:$D$11 not $D$7:$H$7 (etc.)
You have one of the nicest Excel-related sites I have visited: congratulations and keep on! I loved the Gantt Chart Add-In you created. It helped save me a lot of time and hassle in creating something similar. Thanks!
Cool stuff Wow!! Great stuff, thanks. I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a solution and you have it right here. Thanks again.
This is the best excel info I have seen. Thanks for the help! I know the timer in the past and now I retake again. Thanks
Quickly responded to a problem that was not a result of a download from this site. Thanks for your help! An excellent site with lots of easily found useful information and add ins.
referenced in the Access reports ng on 1/22/03. Super site, I shall return. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.Bill that's the whole thing--to configure newsgroups--i'm having trouble sending psots--get errors--& this is your answer--Bah!
It is so great! the info here help me so much! Keep on! Hi Tushar!I'm running an experimental email welcome to worksheet functions newsgroup exercise with each new poster getting a welcome including a list of the standard do's and dont's. What I'm after is seeing if some of the main problems of files attaching etc can be reduced. Private responses have been very positive with only one objection (so far).Will it be possible to see if this works? I've run it since 15-Dec-2002 and will need to establish if it affects any of the trends in comparison with before that date and other groups.Should get a clear picture in about 3 months?RegardsNorman
We have similar interests it appears Hi Tushar!I'm running an experimental email welcome to worksheet functions newsgroup exercise with each new poster getting a welcome including a list of the standard do's and dont's. What I'm after is seeing if some of the main problems of files attaching etc can be reduced. Private responses have been very positive with only one objection (so far).Will it be possible to see if this works? I've run it since 15-Dec-2002 and will need to establish if it affects any of the trends in comparison with before that date and other groups.Should get a clear picture in about 3 months?RegardsNorman
Thanks for doing it Was glad to vist your website.Excellent as it is,In my brief hit,I had a problem with your index on the left in green.I was looking for charts and I found it somewhere at the bottom.Maybe an alphabetical order or something like that is warranted.Otherwide, I was very impressed with everything else.RegardsDavis
I came to your site to say thanks for your reply to my question at I'll star investigating Pivot tables, which I have not yet tried, to solve my problem. I also found some useful information here. This is excellent, thanks for all your hard work. Your site gives me the exact info I am after. Cheers
This is GREAT a practical. Special Thanks AB very helpful for a fledgling VBA user, like myself.
Great site - only real powerpoint clock on the web.Thanks This is my first time to the site, it came up when I did a search on Modeless Userform. I gave the 3 rating to reflect the fact that I have not looked long enough to give it a real rating.
Good site catering to the various needs of the excel community great utility to patch excelunfunctionality!keep rocking and best wishes andmerry christmas to you!
TusharI've just popped in to your website out of curiosity.Gulp!The CV is remarkable.I'll come back soon to thorougly investigate but it's now 1.45 am in the UK and it's time for bed.Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.Terry this site needs more info it says theres a diagram of a tornado but i see no diagram this is giving me frustration in the extreme. that is all
Thanks, for pointing me to your site from the Mr Excel forum.great work, and very helpfull.Thanks. Great source of info. I'll try to provide more comments as I use this site more.
I'm at a inermediate level, so I need some ideas as to how to tackle the tasks. Good site for that I'd been looking on the net for the best way to chart an average line and finally your method of adding a horizontal line saved the day. Thankyou.
Thanks for the valuable info. I could not get this to open I have been there before, but guess it i no longer any good...
Exactly what I needed! :-) Good web site. I just finished a Quantitative Methods course for my accounting designation and was helping one of the folks here manage some data. Two very large sets of data. Plotted the relationship in a scatter plot (x,y). Needed to find the distribution.
cool site Never used this Query thing before. Easy to follow. Thanks.
Your PowerPoint Slide Show Timer add-in sounded like just the thing I needed, but I cannot get PowerPoint XP to recognize it. Any ideas? Tushar,I am quite impressed by the content of your website (yet to explore in detail). Most of the content holds strong interest for me. I'd like to exchange emails/thoughts (about life in general).. you sound like a cool guy.Feel free to email me.. if this hasn't wierded you out already :)Later,Kuntal
Initially it got me a bit confused when you started the data in cells A1..B6; and later this becomes A26.B31.Otherwise just great.Thanks.H I had been looking for some information about how to use the same range-name, SEMIH, in more than one sheet, each area having different calculations so that I can use OFFSET function to get any cell value of SEMIH in any sheet I want. The information that you displayed on this page may be helpful. I will findout when I use the same syntax that you gave. It looks like I will spend a lot of times on your web site..Very good job TM..Semih TahaogluDepartment of Computer ScienceSoutheastern Louisiana UniversityHammond, Louisiana 70402
It would be great, but I can't get the timer add-in to load for some reason. i wish to get more info and get the latest information
I downloaded the random slide add in at school today and it worked perfectly with school's Powerpoint 2000. However, it will not work on my computer, which runs Powerpoint 2002. Is the Powerpoint version the only problem do you think and if so will you be posting an update any time soon. I am desperate to use this add in. Thanks Pete Interesting and useful for new users.
I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my power point rehearsed timings in the microsoft chat room. It was something in my custom slides...the music media was set to pause the slide show. THANKS AGAIN! Suzy This is EXACTLY what I needed! I've found that if I customize the color scheme on a slide to a red background with yellow writing (scientific studies show that this color scheme enhances learning and information retention), I can setup slideshows for my girlfriend to help her study for school. Powerpoint makes for great flashcards and your randomize add-in allows me to setup a slideshow that's different every time she uses it, which even further enhances your ability to learn. Thanks so much!
thanks for publishing the PPT-TIMER. Unfortunately we are running Powerpoint97 and will never be upgrading, so I havn't downloaded it.btw, after receiving 3 trojans delivered using Macromedia's Flash, I have banned it from all my customer's and my sites. Your file was thankfully brief and not essential to the web page. Other sites take soo long to download and insist on the rotten thing, that we never get to see the information on the page. I term those sites as being flashed.RegardsRNS I am a Science teacher and I've got an ongoing project to make power point slides about developments at the edge of science to show to classes in idle moments, but it's a shame to always show them the same slides when there are (going to be) so many. This will allow me to keep their interest. Thanks. Pete
Thanks, I was up most of the night trying to create a formula with multiple functions for a countown of 3000 dates embedded in a web page- thanks!!! Yours was the only site I could find that described performing Excel queries against other Excel workbooks!
Tushar -Interesting to spend time browsing numbers like these.On the 'Most Popular Newsreaders' page, do the numbers refer to the number of posts per newsreader, or the number of people using each newsreader? I assume it's the number of people using each, since my reader (WinVN) has only 2 listed in recent months. Wonder who's the other one using it?- Jon GREAT PROGRAM (I DOWNLOADED TEXT WRITE)....JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.THANKS
I am an avid DEVELOPER of Spreadsheets(dating back to humble Lotus 123); am a Finance professional -worked in L&T and Ashok Leyland; am now running a Software dev. outfit.Some of the Excel solutions are : Touch screen apps; auto linking with any ADO database; Solver apps.Any chance of my joining with your esteemed self?V. KrishnanPh: 91-044-8111402ChennaiIndia Thanks for sharing your great knowledge
Great site thanks A big thank you!
Thank you for your I down loaded it and tried it. I had been trying to write an Excel spreadsheet which would solve cubical equations, esp in the case where the discriminate is neagative and there are three real distinct root.I am using it to solve any one of several Equations of State for gases, such as the redlich-Kwong eqn. Then I hope to set up the ChaoSeader Equations for Vapor Liquid Equlibrium. I have been working on this problem for some time. As I said Thank you. Downloaded the TestWriteProgram file. Works very well. Thank you.
Just exploring What a lovely site.
I lead an advance excel forum @ work and this site is great. I plan on checking out your Monte Carlo simulator tomorrow.Thanks for the great training tools. To mimic the suggestion of another user, the only thing that could improve the site is to have a print instruction shortcut on the top of every page (or perhaps a PDF w/ instructions link).Minor request for a site with good substance! Thanks.Darren I must say I am really impressed :-) Tushar,where did you do your undergrad from ...
I was lead here from the MS Excel user group to get Text Write. I needed it to write a comma delimited, double qout bracketed fiel and it worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch.Jeff Thanks, your explanation as to why Excel surface charts are useless saved me a lot of frustration in trying to get them to work
Excellent, Slide Show Timer is good. Thanks for your help regarding automating chart scales. We operate Excel 97 but hopefully your Autochart Manager gives the IT guys here some ideas.Thanks again.
Thanks For this tip. It really helped me in my graphs and making things more easier for me. Perfect description for a user of Excel to create a surface chart.
Excellent work! very useful information for someone who likes using this tool (Excel). Thanks, this has been really useful for our educational projects!
Very good, but poor accesories. Good to see you're still around!
I followed the instructions for the Slide Show Timer installation, however I am unable to install. The window pops up saying it is unable to install. I am working with Windows 2000 Pro and PowerPoint 2002. Thanks!
Excellent site! Will recommend it to my colleagues Just found your site, and it is so full of useful techniques & Tips that I will certainly be back.
Easy to use, relevant info close to hand. Loads quickly without distracting gimmicks.Thanks for making your expertise so readily available to learners like myself.regardsKen I work in product develoment (Electronic Engineering) in a Telecomunications Company and I was finding info. about excel's charts and tutorials.This site have the info. that I was looking for.Thanks for everything.
Thanks a lot It's a wonderful site for new beginners likre me who want to learn more about the avaliable quality tools.... Thanks again for devloping such a useful site.
I bow down my head in fornt of you for the incredible amount of knowledge you are having.Keept it up SIR. Again great site. One trap for newbies like me is that all column headings must be text. I help do financial reporting in excel for my company snd they use time periods eg 200205 which represents Period 5-April 21 2002 to 18 May 2002 in our financial year. When you use this number MS query calls it F1. Once I had that sorted out this is great.
Great work. Thank you for spending so much time doing these samples. Thanks
Thanks for the tip on dynamic chart titles!!!It was a big help, I am the hero for the moment in our department !! Thanks - hopefully this will be excatly what I'm looking for! :-)
Nice Site,You have helped me with a chart problem a couple of years ago.Jim your table of contents macro rocks!!!!!!!!!!you saved me a ton of time creating it manually!!!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you....
I manage many Excel workbooks, and TOC is something that would have been nice. Now I have it! Thanks. It provides what I need. Hi Tushar,I really admire your willingness to share your knowledge with others, selflessly!regards,Anirudh
Great explanation of how surface plots work in Excel. Just what I needed. Thanks! It is very helpful
excellent collection of excel tips and linksthanks hi:)
Excellent site ... just what I was looking for in regards to advanced topics in Excel to explore. I am currently in the MBA online program through Regis University and I had asked the question of the other students and our professor several weeks ago how to break the y or x axis. No one knew how although our professor advised us that someone has a solution somwhere out there ... he was right!Several problems we were doing required data ranges far from 0,0. Someone in our class found your site and let the whole class know about your site. I presume you can follow a similar procedure to break the x-axis?Great site!Thanks. -Darryll- HELP!!!The information on the ppt timer seems to be exactly whatI am looking for, however, I cannot get an object insert eventhough the add-in is loaded. There is not a time screen thatpops up automatically. Can he offer some further assistance.Thank you.
Excellent site tusharAfter unsuccessfully trying to work out Dynamic Charts on variousother sites, It was yours which led me (by the hand) to finally getto grips with the subject! - Thank YouKeep up the good workStephen. needs more info!!!!!
Posted a question about random slide order on the MS support newsgroup. Brian Reilly told me about your site. Thanks. I'm sure I'll be back. Good stuff.Pat I've just started concentrating on excel and charting. Previous energydevoted to designing databases. Your site looks like it will be veryuseful. Thank you for making it available.Tom Nelson
This page is ueful of seems to have useful links.. I haven't looked at the contrnt yet because I had to fill out the survey first, but as for layout and topics listed, it seems to be quite useful thus far. I used your Powerpoint add-in for generating a random slide show for a high school baseball banquet - I had pictures of all the kids but I had them in order by name in my folder. This saved me a bunch of time by not having to rearrange them manually.The only improvement I could possibly think of would be to allow a choice of how many slides at the beginning or end to leave in their respective positions (but I really know nothing about it so maybe that is harder than I imagine).Thanks so much for your willingness to share this!!
Tushar, congratulations on your MPV status...By the way, I enjoyed looking at your innovative offerings.Regards, David I found an answer to a question I didn't even know I had!Great resource; definitely added to my bookmarks. Thanks for helping me look good at work!
Always a treat to come here. If not useful, always an idea that proves to be useful. Nice job! You've done some very interesting work. Keep it up!
I havent used your ppt timer yet but its a great idea. Are you going commercial with it?Tomi Question on Outlook Express newsreader: how do we delete selected messages? More generally how do we separate the wheat from the chaff (and delete the chaff?).Tushar, greetings from another UofR PhD. Mike
This is only the 2nd page on the site I've looked at, but it looks great so far. bffffffft
Your dynamic chart name (how simple it is - ONCE - you know the key) made a small problem disapear!! - THANK YOU!This site seems to have a ton of data - I will return when I get stuck again!TKS!Lynn [personal data edited] thanks a lot
Interesting but I need something that will work for a bar chart the randomslide show works with 98, but it you must1) open the presentation first2) open your add from powerpointproblems if you try to save a ppt while the add-in TM installed the ppt will not work.I'll have to see how well you add-in works in 2000thanksDwayne
Congratulations for your website. I found exactly what I needed and without much trouble. Keep up the good work! Downloaded The AddTimeShape add-in.Thank you for valuable addin.It works fine under PowerPoint 2000 SR-1 (9.0.5519) but PowerPoint 2002 (10.3506.3501) SP-1 cannot load it.
ya thank u 4 yr examples[request for help and/or personal data edited] Great! Wondering if there's any way to switch from one show to another at a specified time. For example - One show in the AM - another in the PM.
It is March 21, 2002 and I just found this site and downloaded the free trial version of Simulate 2000. What happens in 10 days. If I like Simulate2000, how do I get a copy of the final version? I am dogged by Excel's lack of XY labels and its failure to include all axis labels on bar graphs. I seem to have found the solution to the XY label problem through your site.Many thanks.
Great Resource! I have you linked on my site. Thanks. I want to go to the message that I find on this cross-reference do I get there? What newsgroup is it on?
Very skillful. I appreciate it what you have on aooferr helps me a lotby lookinginto how you build and achieve results. I will bookmark this site. It has very useful info but not what I wanted.I was looking for some method of chartin data where the time series of the data is disjointed -- some daily, some monthly, some quarterly. I did not find that info but you site is really very extraordinary.
HiThanks very much for this add-in, it is exactly what we needed....Thanks for you help. Again, auto-chart has been a great help.Anne [personal data edited] This was exactly what I've been looking for! I took a class on Excel and asked the teacher if there was a way to automatically do this without manually drawing a shape over the graph. He recommended your site. I'll recommend it too.
Thanks for your helpful site; I tried the TOC creator, nice and easy to use....Many thanks,Tim Great Site. Just what I needed for my XL problem.
The Autochart range delimiter is something I've wished Excel had for 10 years. I was in the process of building it myself on a one-off basis last week for a project using VBA to force the values in, but having it as an add-in is terrific. Great stuff, appreciate everything here. found you when searching google groups for help with the date/time feature of ppt.hope it works; thanks very much.
A pity the link to download thePowerpoint timer was broken... Iwas really looking forward to usethis add-onGood information let down by abroken link...JC Information on dynamic charts using OFFSET function (esp. ex 2) was almost just what I needed (hence 3.9 rating :).However, I have some holes in my data. Is there a way to adjust the chosen last so many to only include non-blank values.Filtering doesn't work, so I'm struggling to find a non-programmatic way. Any ideas oh wise one?Thanks in anticipation of your help.Cameron
Text Write is very helpful. Thanks for making it available. should write a book.
Interesting random selection of visitor comments at the right sideline ! How is this random selection done, Tushar ? cheers. Ciao!
Thanks for the dynamic charts information. I have been wanting to do this for several years, but did not know where to find the information. You have really made my day!I found it difficult to print the information due to the scrolling. I had to cut and paste into Word to get it all. It would be nice if there were a printable version.Thanks again! cool
Thank you! Nice work. You are performing a public service here.What I was also looking for was how to put a break between two ranges, for example if there are data in the 1-3 and 24-29 ranges and there is to be a break in between. I don't think a log scale would work for most ranges.Best of luck in all your ventures.Regards I have been looking for a timer for ppt presentation and you have just what I need. Excellent utility except for one problem. The countdown clock (in black) is difficult to see if the powerpoint slide background is dark. Would it be possible to change or select font color for the countdown clock
I just spent an hour trying to cut and paste vb script from the newsgroups to randmomize my slides. I use PP for flashcards and it works well. Randomizing them is a must.Your add in was quick and painless. Also found a timer that will aid my pp presentations that are timed.Thanks a bunch.Jerold Von Hemel Great resource for those of us who are generally proficient in Excel (or other software) and just having troublewith a special operation we don't normally use. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This is *exactly* what my boss had me looking for. After searching the internet for hours, and almost deciding that this was impossible in Excel, I found a link from a newsgroup to your site - showing that it *can* be done. Thank you! This is just what I need to do. How would I change the the strings to add more colums as my data set increases.Thanks for your help.Tom
Great site, but on this page, the explanation picture does not appear in my browser - just the one I wanted to see!Thanks,Simon. Hey Tushar,Is this formula taking into consideration the DST changes.Thanks.
V. Good use of the chart. HiI like the site. I was directed to the site by Dave Petersen on the Excel ng.I wanted info on ng programs.I have been helped by your site.It would also be helpful to have info on the different programs e.g freeware or licence fee etc altho' it'd be a hassle for you to update, I guess.Keep up the good work.TimOxford, UKPS you might likr to mention the Universities in the CV are in the States - we don't all live in the US!!!
Get rid of the trap that keeps a person from returning back to theurl from which they entered your site. It is a PITA. I am unlikelyto return, if I can find another site that has similar information. Site looks good. I'm sure I will be referring to it for solutions.
I did not think it could be done - I have been manipulating legends as a substitute - no more! Thankyou. I found this page after you responded to one of my posts. It is the best resource for charting in Excel when you need something other then the standard. Write a book. Very few books on charting available.Thanks for your site and responses to posts.
Nice Site Tushar-- You have helpedme before on some charting problemsI apprecitate all that you do.Jim No rating - it isn't what I need, but it is clearly excellent. You have a very impressive site, and appear to be very skilled in applications and Web design. Great job all around.This note is mostly to point out a small slip: the keywords are visible on the Chart gap for N/A page.Good luck in all you do.
I love the graphical step by step illustrations. Very good job. This is what I've been looking for for a very long time. EXZELLENT!
Great site, Tushar ! Lots of interesting & useful material here. Thanks. 1 Q - when is the next update for the newsgroup stats expected ? cheers. 'incomplete calculation' is reported on your multi-post page, but only there. I got the warning message from Excel and am trying to find out anything about what that message means.
Good Job. I will take a look at your work and then come back and give you a more acurate answers. After using it I notice that it runs through each graph on all screens. This is quite cumbersome to watch. I would recommending addingApplication.ScreenUpdating = Falseto the start of your code andApplication.ScreenUpdating = Trueto the end of your code so that the users don't have to watch the updating.Good app though. Just about hit the spot.Thanks.
Slide show timer is cool... just what I need... THANKS! (BY THE WAY, is there an EASY way either to MOVE the location where it appears on the slides, or alternatively to alter the SIZE of the timer display...I really it need it much smaller, and in a certain corner)????? When I go to add-in this .PPA, nothing happens. PowerPoint returns to the empty Add-Ins dialog box, as if I never tried to Add the New add-in.
Although your help is excellent, the formatting is a bit strange on a large monitor, probably because it sticks to the right side. Useful
I found you on Google - newsgroup - search for help with Excel. Looking at broken y axis tutorial - excellent thank you.
Nice Site!!!!!! you are a terrible website!
I have been looking for a way to dynamically increase the number of series in a graph. i.e. let the user pick how many years(rows/series) the graph will display. Have yet to figure it out as the range can be stated as dynamic but MS inserts a value instead. Thanks for providing this info!
Not very informative. Looking for the following type of floating bar chart. Three tools on y axis, duration times for the recipes represent the data that will constitute the bars. The x axis represents time, starting at 5am going until 5pm. The data may, for example start at 5:05am then end at 6:02am on one tool, then a new (completely different recipe, but on the same tool) start at 6:31am then end at 8:48am. This can repeat until 5pm. The resulting graph should look like two different color bars on the same tool with an open space between the different duration times. Your graph does not allow this... do you know how to accomodate this type of graph... Thank you, Kirk Shifting from Access (sql, vb, asp) to needing to learn Excel for some simple charting, your site has been the best and clearest by far.
Hi Tushar,Is is possible for you to send me the excel macro you developed on Monte Carlo simulations ?Thanks Good info. I only wish I could print it but when I choose print frame it says there is no data to print.
Not allowing me to use the back arrow to navigate back to my search engine is annoying. Your AutoChart Manager is something I've been looking for for years. It is a veryvaluable function and worked immediately when I installed it.My only complaint about your site is that you distribute the help file among anunreasonably large number of frames. To see each frame in the help file, it isnecessary to go back to the index and request the next frame. You should eitherprovide links directly between the frames or, better yet, combine the entire helpfile into one or two frames.Great software.Thanks.
This was a very good tutorial, but I am sad to see that there is only a workaround solution and that Microsoft doesn't have this feature automated in Excel.I had a few problems getting this to work with the table that I was trying to chart. I understand the concept and I'll try to make it work. Hello TusharMy name is also tushar i Want More detail of you so send me email please. I am living in Rajkot(Gujarat,India). I am studing in Third year of computer B.Sc.
The PPT-Timer doesn't want to work when I try to add it in PowerPoint tells me that PPT-Timer is not a valid add-inI'm using PP-2000, I don't know who it doesnt want to work.I'm doing this for my school and doing a favor like this for the principal and the superintendant would really help my college applications. PLEASE help me out.~Andrzej Nice one Tushar.Love your work.Hal
downloaded and installed timer per instructions. unfortunately, it won't load. any ideas? Figure 14 wpe6.gif will not show when clicked.Friendly greetings, Eppo [personal data edited]
Like your site and find your examples and info on Excel charts very helpful.Steve Perfect! Wish this information was easier to find.
Can the y-axis break be done on the negative side, if values are both positive and negative? This tutorial only applies to a graph with all positive values.Thanks Nice clear Layout. Try to indicate the purpose of you being on the web. Are you trying to drum up business?? In that case find a way to state what you want.
Tushar, I downloaded the chart gap add-in and can't seem to keep it from drawing the line across the NA# on a line chart. If I omit the line, it does provide a gap in the markers though. My intent is to define a given column of data in such a manner that the graphed line representing the data is one color (green)if that point is higher than the preceeding point, or another color (red) if it is lower. This would be particularly helpful for stock charts to visually qualify a conditional technical event. Great site and a great help, by the way. Cheers! Brad Reid I cannot believe how much my knowledge of Excel has increasedby visiting this site on only 3 occasions (so far!)Thank youPlease keep up the good workKind RegardsStephen.
very handy, thanks a lot :-) it is not clear how to use the the interactive shortcuts, particularly for beginners. ztatic lists are very useful
I mostly use your Excel section. Many of the examples are just what I'm looking for.Thanks a lotTom N- Thanks again
Very intterested in the Excel97 version of the autochart manager. If possible let me know as soon as it is available.Thanks hytrjytrv iuyiuy 988o8y oiuoiu
Great site; thanks for all your hard work. Any idea when you're likely to integrate the database (in TimeZoneExamples.xls) into the TimeZoneConvert.xla add-in?Cheers,John Is is possible to add additional text to a chart that changes dynamically? I want to add the average and stdev of the plotted data to a chart.
I'm sure the people that know more about charting would get more from this than people like me that are just beginning.Thanks for your willingness to help the rest of us. I was looking for waterfall graph and I find some interesting suggestions on your site.Thanks
Great! I have been looking for a time zone vba that worked for CDT to EDT. Keep up the great work!Phil You provide some great info on your site and in your ng postings! Thanks!If you know of any Excel mailing lists that are particularly valuable, maybe you could let me know? Bryan
nice! I found your site via a link on a reply to a posting at microsoft.public.excel.chartingI wrote a VB application to gather data from a dozen people into an Access database. I added a button to query the data and place it into an existing Excel spreadsheet. I was happy until my client asked me to clean up his spreadsheet. I tried to explain that I was not well-acquainted with the Excel program, to no avail. However, your dynamic charts example will probably lead me to the solution I desire. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
I am looking for a lookup function to use on an array. I think it's not a standard functionality of excel.Find some interesting stuff on your site. very useful code, etc in my daily responsibilities; would have taken me forever to figure out how to create dynamic charts. the tutorials are very good; i read the newsgroups, but have trouble understanding how these things function from the formulae/code alone. thank you very much for your willingness to share with those of us who are not the brightest bulbs in the pack.
Good site to know of, thanks for all the work done.H.G.[personal data edited] I'm really amazed by all the stuff XL is able to deal with! It happens I realize news quite everyday, although it's a lot of time I've been using XL. This site is really great, and one of the best XL free sites ever!
am a vba newbe, some topics covered are just what I need & not too much on the internet (eg gaps for #N/A and dynamic title (took a day for me to figure out how to do this inserting dates)excellent, thanks Excellent site for those of us who need to make better use of excel and gain a greater understanding of the software's power to serve business needs.Thanks for creating and maintaining it.
It's one of the best excel related site. Keep it up I like the straigtforward approach of this tutorial.
I found this on the microsoft.public.ecel.charting newsgroup and thought I'd have a look. It seems (if you refer back) that you replied to r.venkataraman on 12/4/2001 and he has the same problem as me. I want to show a pseudo y-axis at a particular category position and thereafer at regular (12 month) intervals. e.g. the chart starts at aug-99 and I want the lines to be for each january thereafter.