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Building the queries

The common steps in building any query against a database involve establishing a connection to an external data source.  This source can be a 'formal' source such as a Access database, a dbase or a FoxPro database, or a SQL database such as MySQL, a Oracle SQL database, or a Microsoft SQL database.  More important for us is that the data source can be another Excel file!

To get the external data start with

Data | Get External Data New Database Query...

Specify the source as an Excel file and make sure that the 'Use the Query Wizard to create/edit queries' checkbox is unchecked.  The reason is that the Wizard does not know how to link different tables.:

 At this point MS Query will display a dialog box asking for the workbook containing the data.  Find it on the hard disk and select it.

From this point the steps to create a query are query-specific.

Query 1 -- A simple table linking multiple tables in the relational database