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TM Chart Gap for #N/A

Works with Excel 2000 (or later) only.


This Excel add-in ensures that all line and scatter charts on the active page have a discontinuity whereever the data point contains a #N/A.

In a recent version of Excel, Microsoft introduced a bug in its line charts making it impossible to create a discontinuity.  While XY Scatter charts work as expected, as of now, Microsoft has not fixed its line chart problem.

The compressed (zipped) file

Installation notes:  The zipped file contains one file, skipnas.xla.  Extract to a folder (or directory) of choice.  From inside of Excel, add this file to the list of add-ins [Select the menu item Tools | Add-ins... | Click on the Browse button and select the skipnas.xla file].

After clicking OK in the Add-ins... dialog box, the add-in will be active.  It will display a dialog box as a reminder that it is active.  It will run unobtrusively in the background updating any line or scatter chart on the active worksheet whenever the chart data changes.

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