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Enter time in seconds

Do you want to enter the current time in a cell so that it doesn't change each time Excel recalculates formulas?  Then, use CTRL+SHIFT+:  However, Excel only provides the time in hours and minutes or HH:MM.  To enter the time so that it includes seconds, one has to override the default behavior.

Enter the code below in a standard module:

Option Explicit
Sub setKey()
    Application.OnKey "+^:", "EnterTime"
    End Sub
Sub resetKey()
    Application.OnKey "+^:"
    End Sub
Sub EnterTime()
    With ActiveCell
    .Value = Time()
    .NumberFormat = "hh:mm:ss"
        End With
    End Sub

Now, once you run the setKey procedure, the CTRL+SHIFT+: will give you the time in seconds. To return Excel to its default behavior, run the resetKey procedure.